Creating 3D visualizations and interior design concepts

For hotels, restaurants and more

3D visualization-01 3D visualizatio-02

3D visualization

  • Room modelling in accordance to the drawings
  • Furniture modelling in accordance to photos
  • Creating beautiful materials and light
  • Rendering and post processing

To begin work we will create a specification, based on the materials you have

Project managers, designers and architects, that already have drawings and material, furniture, light fixture selections order 3D visualization to present their interior, or exterior design projects to investors or developers.

Interior design concept-01 Interior design concept-02

Interior design concept

  • Style and color palette selection
  • Furniture selection
  • Room design
  • Rendering and post processing

To begin work general idea and floor plan will be enough

Developers and sales managers order interior design concept for commercial interiors , when it needs to be approved by the general manager, or provided to the advertising department for web site or poster production.

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Our features


We model precisely all required furniture pieces and lighting fixtures, when that’s important for client.

working process
The working process

If you don’t know how to solve a problem – we will offer a few options to solve it.

Featuring Deadly Secrets by the Lake - an LMN Original Movie - and When Secrets Kill - a Harlequin mystery.

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Home to Win

Home to Win - Design & Decorate your Winning Living room!

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Technically challenging projects

We can create interior images, where the objects are interchangeable along with their shadows for interactive application.

We can also recreate scary mood in escape rooms, based on the short videos of Tv-series.

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About us

Halina Kucheriava

Interior designer, 3D visualizer, project manager. I’m responsible for setting beautiful lighting, materials and points of view, and also for communication with clients.I do my best to make every client satisfied with our work.

Yaroslav Kucheryaviy

Architect, 3D modeler.I’m responsible for the quality of architecture, furniture, décor and all other modelling. I pay a lot of attention to details and don't finish the project until it's perfect in all details.