Bathroom visualization

Bathroom visualization-01

Why sometimes you can find 3d renderings very similar to the interior design photos? That's simple - sometimes clients like the samples of the interior that they found so much, that they want them to be almost replicated. These 3d visualizations were created based on the provided pictures, so they are very similar to the existing samples. Our work included 3d modeling of the rooms, using stock models, recreating the lighting and decor of the rooms. They were created to represent the client's products in beautiful interiors.
Bathroom visualization-02 For a 3d visualizer, it's an interesting task to recreate some interior as this work needs analysis of the lighting scheme. It's not always obvious how that lighting scheme works. But this task also helps to develop realistic lighting setup skills. Young designers and visualizers often want to be so original that they don't even try to analyze or replicate someone's work. But when replicating, we can learn a lot and then create our own design easier and faster using the learned approach. Bathroom visualization-03 Bathroom visualization-04