Furniture Rendering: How Furniture Manufacturers Promote Their Products

Types of Furniture Rendering. How Furniture Manufacturers use visualizations to promote products, optimize expenditures, and more.

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What do customers pay attention to when they want to buy a chair? Size, textures, proportions, and the feeling that this item will enhance their room design. From the buyer’s perspective, everything looks quite simple, but what about furniture manufacturers? The current market is so overcrowded that convincing a target audience to choose you among hundreds of brands is very hard.

Still, many manufacturers manage to turn furniture production into a profitable business and promote their brands worldwide. 3D furniture rendering is one of their secrets. High-quality furniture renderings are much more effective than photos, thanks to the broad capabilities of interior design software. Professionals can create static, animated, or 360-degree 3D photorealistic renderings within the shortest time. They showcase items in a real-life context, so buyers can easily imagine how a specific product will look in their interior. As a result, such customers are more likely to proceed with the order.

In this article, you will discover:
• What is 3D furniture rendering?
• Types of furniture visualizations
• How do furniture manufacturers promote their products with visualizations?
• Handy furniture rendering tips from professionals.

What Is 3D Furniture Rendering?

Furniture rendering is the process during which a specialized rendering software generates a 3D model of a furniture item based on the indicated parameters. This service is mainly ordered by furniture manufacturers and online stores to create models that can be used for catalogs, presentations, websites, and other relevant resources.

3D furniture visualization provides more flexibility than photos. You won’t need to organize a shooting each time an item is manufactured in a new color or modification. A rendering services provider can easily adjust the existing model to reflect the changes. This saves a lot of money and time.

Visualization is effective not only to promote furniture manufacturers. It’s also a popular solution for other products (e.g., decor, clothing, home appliances). Click here to discover more about product rendering.

Types Of 3D Furniture Rendering

The complexity of rendering services depends on the detailing and dimensionality of the final image. The more realistic and appealing your picture is, the more likely you are to attract the attention of potential buyers. Generally, there are 4 types of furniture rendering:

• Static: A picture is similar to a photo.
• 360-degree: A visualization shows a product from every angle.
• Animated: A GIF shows how certain elements move/disassemble.
• Studio. A product is presented on a white background with basic shadows.

Note that although detailed images are highly effective for marketing purposes, they can slow down your website. For example, a 360-degree visualization that usually consists of 70-150 images may negatively influence your page speed. Nobody likes slow websites. Many people may even leave before the page fully loads. Therefore, choosing a type of product rendering, you should also keep in mind your technical capabilities.

How Do Furniture Manufacturers Promote Their Products With Visualizations?

We will not delve into the technical subtleties of furniture rendering since Kucheriavi Studio has already published a detailed article on 3D furniture models. If you need quality visualizations, you will anyway have to hire professionals. The truth is that furniture rendering isn’t easy.

Let’s talk about the task of furniture manufacturers. What approaches do they use to promote their brands with furniture renderings? Here are some popular options:

Product Cards In An Online Store
Manufacturers usually cooperate with retailers, but many of them also run their online stores. Such dedicated resources with visualizations that present every important detail of an item are an excellent solution to stimulate sales and build brand awareness.

Printed Catalogs
You may be mistaken if you think that all the images you see in catalogs are photos. Actually, most of them are not. Several years ago, world-renowned Ikea already used computer graphics for 75% of its images. The company also had about 25,000 models in its bank. They were used to promote its assortment and put the products into the context.

Manufacturing Of Tailored Products
If you produce exclusive goods on an individual basis, visualization is a must. Since such products are usually pretty expensive, customers want to make sure they are perfect before the purchase. Visualization can help you convince a buyer to place an order and, at the same time, approve all the details before you start the manufacturing.

If you need to present your products to a large audience of potential customers, the image must be perfect. That’s why many furniture manufacturers use 3D models to highlight the benefits of their products and show them from every angle. 360-degree visualizations and animations are particularly popular for presentations.

Rendering Tips From Professionals

Here is a pleasant bonus for you. Out visualization experts have shared several recommendations that will come in handy to furniture manufacturers that need 3D rendering services.
• To visualize upholstered products (sofas, armchairs), make sure to provide all dimensions, detailed drawings, and photos from different angles. Such items often have a rounded or irregular shape that is difficult to render without this information.
• To visualize wood products (tables, closets, drawers), provide high-resolution scanned or photographed images of wood textures. Such renderings accentuate the unique patterns and structure of wood so it’s crucial to show it.
• To visualize office chairs, prepare detailed drawings. The drawings of a frame and mechanisms are a must.

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