Restaurant Renderings: Everything You Need to Know

3D visualizations are widely used by designers, business owners, and marketers to create spaces that are guaranteed to become successful. Some realtors also order restaurant renderings. This helps them to present the premises to their best and increase their market price.

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If you run or try to promote a newly opened venue, you realize how difficult it is. People know nothing about your place and the competition is fierce. While they are passing by, you are counting your losses. How to avoid such a disaster? Make sure to plan everything beforehand. Restaurant rendering is the most effective way to do this.

3D visualizations are widely used by designers, business owners, and marketers to create spaces that are guaranteed to become successful. Some realtors also order restaurant renderings. This helps them to present the premises to their best and increase their market price.

If you are related to this business and need 3D models of your premises, a professional architectural rendering company can promptly create them based on the data you provide. Read on to know how the work is done and discover the subtleties of restaurant rendering. In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What is restaurant rendering? How does it differ from regular renders?
  • Who needs venue renderings and what for?
  • Benefits of restaurant rendering.

    What is Restaurant Rendering?

    Restaurant rendering is the use of computer graphics to generate 3D models of restaurant interiors and/or exteriors. 3D visualization engines recreate objects, reflecting their exact dimensions and look. Such images represent the furniture, textures, lighting, details, and mood of the premises. There are several main types of renderings, including static, walkthrough, and panoramic. All of them can be used to showcase the interior design of your place. The types of restaurant renderings you choose will depend on the visual representations you want to create. More about each type of 3D visualization here.

    Restaurant Renderings: Everything You Need to Know-02 Note. A restaurant rendering is a visualization stage of the whole design project or a separate service offered to customers that have a project without visualizations. Restaurant 3D renderings are based on a plan, wall elevations, additional drawings of a bar counter, tables, and banquettes. It is also necessary to provide ceiling and electricity plans as well as details of furniture, material selections, decor, and a lighting scheme.

    Restaurant rendering is slightly different from standard interior visualizations in several ways. First of all, since restaurants are usually visited in the evening, they are designed with multi-layered lighting. Therefore, such visualizations are presented in the night context with the light fully turned on. Secondly, the restaurant is a large place. Hence, a quality visualization will include views that show several areas in perspective at the same time.

    Who Needs Restaurant Renderings and What For?

    With the emergence of computer graphics, 3D visualizations have effectively substituted hand-drawn sketches used for many decades. Today, design and 3D visualization are two separate fields that require different expertise and skills. In other words, in case you want 3D visualization of your premises, you will need to hire an architectural rendering company.
    Although there are no limitations as to the use of restaurant renderings, they are the most popular among:

    Interior Designers

    Designers often outsource visualizations to a rendering agency since they don’t have enough knowledge to visualize on their own. Besides, it allows them to focus on the creative process and achieve a better final result. Restaurant renderings help designers present projects and convince stakeholders to approve the ideas. They also minimize the chance that the interior design process will fail.


    Visitors adore places with interesting interiors where they can relax or take a selfie worth hundreds of likes. Marketers know this and use renders to promote the benefits of a venue even if it doesn’t exist yet. This allows to attract the attention of potential visitors and make them wait for the great opening.


    Selling premises is a big deal. Professional 3D models can make a venue stand out from other similar places and increase its price. This will lure buyers and allow realtors to sell at a profit.

    Business Owners

    Although business owners usually delegate venue design and visualizations, they are among the most common users of rendering services. They know that a nice render is a timeless resource that can be used in presentations to investors, added to websites, included in ads, and more.

    In other words, decent interior presentations are a must for any modern restaurant that attempts to become successful and profitable. It’s an excellent investment that will pay off in the long run.

    Benefits of Restaurant Renderings

    Compared To Photos, Drawings, and Other Approaches

    Visual representations created with computer graphics software are more flexible and multifunctional than traditional approaches. Nowadays, photos, hand-drawn sketches, and drawings are a thing of the past. They are rarely used for restaurants. 3D renders are more effective thanks to the following benefits:

  • Show interiors that don’t exist yet
  • Easy to customize
  • Can be interactive and animated
  • A more convincing look
  • Multiple uses
  • Still have some questions about restaurant or any other type of rendering? Contact Kucheriavi Studio for professional advice.