Contemporary living room design

Contemporary living room design-01

When it comes to sales, every professional knows that today we don't sell the goods or premises, we sell emotions and feelings, that are attached to the things we sell. If it's clothes - we sell the feeling of comfort and beautiful look, if it's Mac Donald's - we sell tastes. But in real estate when the building doesn't even exist yet, we have to sell the feeling of coziness, comfort and we have to make it feel like home. Before 3d visualization, it was harder to relate to these feelings, because all the renders of the interiors were made by hand on paper. But today 3d visualization became an inalienable part of the interior design.
Contemporary living room design-02 Interior design concepts that we make for real estate owners help to create beautiful interior design and near photo-realistic renders that can make the clients feel the future apartments like their home. This living room was created as a part of the real estate project with advertising purposes. The goal was to create modern, simple yet comfortable looking interiors that would invite the clients to imagine them living there. When talking about design, in this case, we used a simple sofa with plain linen upholstery, that looks and feels really comfortable along with the floor lamp and metal framed coffee table. When working on 3d rendering to create a warm and inviting mood we used the morning lighting scheme with the lights on. The client provided samples, that helped us to understand his taste and looks he wanted to create. That also allowed to have fewer revisions and the faster final outcomes of the project.