Eagles Trace Pub 3d Rendering

Eagles Trace Pub 3d Rendering-01

This Pub 3d rendering was created for Studio Six5. Every detail mattered a lot for the designers that ordered this 3d rendering, so they provided all the plans, sections, elevations, color, material and furniture selections, desired points of view marked on a plan and even a list of details they wanted to be placed in the rendering. As details are so important, we model all the needed furniture based on provided information and do our best to make the 3d visualization as precise and close to the future interior as possible.

You're a designer but have no idea how 3d rendering works? No worries, read our article about 3d rendering process and 4 stages of 3d rendering. Of course, the first question you want to ask may be: "What if 3d rendering I receive from the studio doesn't look correct?". In this case, we say that experienced professionals always include a few revisions to the 3d rendering project, as they are an integral part of work. Revisions will give you and 3d visualizer that works on your project to fine-tune the 3d rendering and make it perfect for you.

You may wonder if there are any mistakes that you can do while working with the 3d rendering company. Actually, there are some. You can read about 6 mistakes that customers make and make sure not to do them. Every 3d visualization studio has its own way to run the process, but mostly it's similar: you need to provide the required information and participate in revisions.

Note the visualization company actually wants to help you, so it will do everything on its side to make the process work.
Still having doubts about how to choose the right professional to outsource 3d rendering for your projects? Download our free guide on How To Choose An Interior Designer/3d visualizer. We collected all the criteria you need to make the right decision.
This 3d visualization created by Andrii Korol.