Modern Bakery Design

Modern Bakery Design-01

This modern bakery design was created from scratch and built in accordance with the design project. Of course, the first stage of this interior design was a space planning. You can read more about it in this case study. Interior spacing is crucial to make the interior comfortable and easy to use.

Modern Bakery Design-02 As the clients wanted the interior to be both cozy and modern, we decided to use a lot of wooden elements combined with simple white walls and concrete floors. This combination looks natural and simple yet modern and stylish. As there are no windows on the whole premises we decided to create a layered lighting scheme to provide enough light and emphasize the needed areas. Spotlights were directed to light the pastry, pendant and decorative lights, and decorative lights light the tables and the showcase.

Modern Bakery Design-03 After all the main decisions on an interior design we created the 3d visualizations of the project. They help the clients to see and feel the look of the future interior and make the changes they want. If you're an interior designer and want to outsource the 3d visualization, we can assure you that this is the right decision. Every interior designer has so much work to do to make the interior comfortable and stylish, that learning the whole 3d rendering industry can be too much to handle. If you're still undecided, we recommend reading why is 3D Rendering a Separate Service From Interior and Architectural Design here. The more realistic 3d visualization becomes, the harder it becomes to do all of the work alone because each year new programs and plugins are released, you have to learn new and new features and options to keep up with the 3d visualization market. In this case, we really recommend you to consider outsourcing the 3d visualization part of interior design to us and have more time to do what you love - design!
Modern Bakery Design-04