Open-planned kitchen design

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This open-planned kitchen was created for a young family that wanted it to be light and welcoming. We created the design from scratch based on a few reference pictures, that the family provided. As there's not too much space for a dining table, we decided to put a bar table beside the kitchenette, so it can be used for food preparation and as a dining table, but in case this family has guests, the coffee table beside the sofa is a transformer.
Open-planned kitchen design-02 We selected main gray and white colors as they are timeless and made the color palette warmer with the addition of warm oak wooden texture and dark gray chairs and shelves to add some accent to the room. Want to know more about the colors in interior design? Read Key Tips on Choosing the Right Color Palette for Interior Design in our Blog.
Open-planned kitchen design-03 Concerned if the designer will understand your taste and ideas when working on your project? Don't worry - true professional designers have a list of questions they need to ask to understand your taste in style and colors. But if you want to be prepared, you can check out the Questions You Need to Answer Before Space Planning Your Apartmentquestions you want to ask yourself before Of course, designers aren't magicians, they usually don't use telepathy, that's why all the design projects include revisions. They are an integral part of each project. The key to a successful design project is communication. If you feel that the communication between you and the designer is smooth - that's a good sign. To learn more about how to choose the right designer for you, check out our free guide on this topic.
Open-planned kitchen design-04 You can be worried if the interior design project will turn out a total waste of your time and money. Of course, if you don't have any experience on working with the interior designer, you can be concerned about that but we can help you understand the value of design projects, just check out or article on How 10% Of a Home Remodel Budget Can Make Your Premises More Valuable
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